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Apex-maker X1 16″ 8K mSLA 3D Printer


ApexMaker X1 3D Printer, Industrial Grade 3D Printer, 8K Resin 3D Printer with 16’’ 8K Resolution Mono LCD Screen, 353.2×198.7x400mm Large Size Printing Volume

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Apex-maker X1 16″ 8K mSLA 3D Printer

The Apex-maker X1 16″ 8K mSLA 3D printer is the first of its kind to combine a 16″ Mono LCD with 8K resolution, offering users an unprecedented level of detail and clarity in their 3D printed creations. The Apex-maker X1 is designed to bring the smallest features to life with incredible precision. Whether it’s a face brimming with emotion or a complex pattern, this printer’s 46 x 46um square pixels design and large print volume of 353 x 198 x 400 mm ensure that every detail is captured with stunning accuracy.

Product Features

  • 16″ 8K Monochrome LCD Screen : A stunning 353.28 x 198.72 x 400mm build volume provides a substantial visual printing area, allowing users to create on a larger scale and test multiple design variations simultaneously.
  • 6X Faster Printing Speed: Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 180mm/h, its high LCD transmittance helps it utilize light more efficiently, curing prints faster and completing projects in less time. The high-energy light source module delivers 10mW/cm2, enhancing production speed while maintaining high-quality results.
  • Ultra high Pixels: The 46*46um square pixels design and 8K Mono LCD give you incredible accuracy and beautiful detail from every line and layer, while ensuring fewer jagged edges and less deformations in each print run.
  • Robust and All-metal design: Boasts a stable motion system, featuring dual linear guides, a closed-loop motor and the pre-calibrated build plate, all this ensures to give you accurate details and uniform results.
  • Smarter and Easier:  More smart features such as automatic resin feeding, resin vat heating, resume after power outage,  air filter system, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and HD Camera monitoring make 3D printing with ease and efficiency.
  • Compatible with Most Slicing Software: The ApexMaker X1 3D printer is compatible with most slicing software in the market, whether it’s Lychee, Chitubox, or Tango, you can use it with confidence.

Technical Specifications

Printer dimensions: 548*440*862mm

Max printing speed: 180mm/h

Technology: UV LCD

Build volume: 353.28*198.72*400mm

LCD screen: 16-inch monochrome screen

LCD resolution: 8k(7680*4320)

Platform calibration: factory pre-calibrated

Net weight: 44.5kg

Gross weight: 60kg

Pixel size: 46um

Layer thickness: 0.01-0.3mm

Light source:405nm

Release film: high-speed TSP film

Resin feeding: automatic

Temperature control: resin tank heating

Slicing software: Chitubox(pro), Lychee Slicer

Operation:7-inch touchscreen

Materials: UV-curable resin

Total power: 300W

Supported files: .stl,.obj,.slc

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 54.8 × 44 × 86.2 cm


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