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MiAngelo Pro 8.9″ 4K mSLA Printer


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MiAngelo Pro 8.9″ 4K mSLA Printer

The MiAngelo Pro 8.9″ 4K mSLA Printer is one professional desktop 3D printer for all makers. The printer offers 4K resolution printing at 50µm with a large printing area of 8.9”, brings your most ambitious 3D printing ideas to life with stunning detail.

Product Features

  • 4K Printing Capabilities: MiAngelo Pro 8.9″ 4K mSLA Printer outshines over other 3D printers on the market by producing highly detailed 3D parts that match your exact 3D printing designs, regardless of the size of your model.
  • 8.9″ 4K Monochrome LCD Screen: Prints up to 3 times faster than traditional 3D printers, taking only one second to print each layer, with high efficiency and much longer lifespan over 2000 working hours.
  • Levelling-Free Setting: The building plate will be calibrated perfectly before shipment, which means that all you need to do is take your machine out of the box and you are all set to begin printing!
  • Dual Linear Rail & Ball Screw Design: The dual linear guide rails provide ultra-stable Z-axis, so that large and heavy 3D printed parts can be printed with no wobbling whatsoever.
  • New Generation Matric Light Source: Multi-lens combined LED parallel optical system; UV energy uniformity reaches more than 95%.
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 42 × 40 × 62.7 cm


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