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MiAngelo Plus 13.6″ 7K mSLA Printer


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The MiAngelo Plus 13.6inch 7K

The MiAngelo Plus with it’s high quality 7K monochrome LCD screen, provides more details and accurate printing¬† with XY pixels 6480 x 3600 and XY resolution of 46um which meets many industrial printing standards.

The MiAngelo Plus 13.6inch 7K is our large format resin-based 3D printer that takes the MSLA technology with its large build volume of 298mm x 165mm x 400mm to next level creativity!

Product Features

  • Huge Printing Volume: With a 40cm tall Z-axis, MiAngelo Plus 13.6″ 7K comes with the largest XY printing area 298mm x 165mm, enabling you to print out significantly larger models in one sitting.
  • 13.6″ 7K mono LCD Screen : Prints up to 3 times faster than traditional 3D printers, taking only one second to print each layer, with high efficiency and much longer lifespan over 2000 working hours.
  • Pre-Calibrated Building Plate: The building plate will be calibrated perfectly before shipment, which means that all you need to do is take your machine out of the box and you are all set to begin printing!
  • Dual Linear Rail & Ball Screw Design: For an ultra-stable Z-axis, MiAngelo Plus 13.6″ 7K adopts this specific design so that large and heavy objects can be printed with no wobbling.
  • Full Metal Body: MiAngelo Plus is made completely of metal sheet. This strengthens the entire structure, making it stronger, and much more sustainable for long-term usage.
Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 27.7 × 15.6 × 40 cm


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